Cake Flavours

Cake Flavours
18th June 2015 admin


Vanilla Sponge

The classic cake recipe with our own twist. Our cakes have four moist layers of freshly baked vanilla sponge, filled with our delicious cream which is whipped giving it a delicate and light consistency and two layers of luxury mixed fruit preserve.

Chocolate Sponge

Perfect for all of those chocoholics out there! Four luscious layers of moist chocolate sponge all filled with Bills new and perfected chocolate cream recipe. Enjoy this cake with chocolate sprinkles around the side for an even more chocolaty taste!

Rich Fruit Cake

Made from Bills long-established recipe this luxury cake is sure to be enjoyed by all fruit cake lovers! Containing over 55% of luxury fruit, these cakes are made with Bills traditional methods so that they are perfectly matured and decorated ready for your special day.